Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa

Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer time fishing on Lake Saimaa - July 2015

July 2015 on Lake Saimaa

Early evening on Lake Saimaa, July 2015

The beginning of July 2015 gave us rain but also a couple of hot summer days. It was also time for big pikes: on our nearby waters one fisherman caught a pike over the magic weight of 10 kilos, and our cottage customers were able to pull in pikes up to 7 or 8 kilos. We had a group of Belarusian visitors staying at our cottage, and they told that in their country the waters were more shallow and the pikes smaller. In addition to pikes they also caught big perches and smallish but full-grown zanders.

Zander 46 cm, catched by Softbait Spinning in early July 2015. Zander was released.

In the middle of July we started to do evening-time trolling for zander and day-time jigging on the big open waters of Lake Saimaa. The rapidly changing weather conditions have been a bit tricky this summer, but luckily true fishermen and fisherwomen aren’t made of sugar!

Pike fishing in the beginning of July 2015

Also the eagerness of the fish to bite has varied a lot. When the time and the conditions are right, you can pull in perches with every cast. When the fish are lazier to bite, catching fish becomes more challenging and requires good fishing techniques. You have to know how to use vibrating movements and other tricks to force the fish to bite.

Softbait spinning for perch 12 July 2012

When the fish are lazier to bite, it’s also more important to cast more accurately and use baits of the right size, shape and colour. Baits can be painted with marker pens to give them the desired colour and a tempting scent. A group of our customers recently learned the importance of colour. They used two identical softbaits for jigging, one was painted with marker and the other wasn’t. The result was surprising: they caught fish only with the painted one. Another group tried different colours and to their surprise the most successful colour was the one that they never could imagine working. When fish are lazy to bite, you are forced to experiment and at the same time learn a lot.

Evening time fishing 22 July 2014

 Pikes, perches and zanders have been moving on more or less the same areas this summer, which means shorter boat rides to catch fish. The size of the fish is normal but catching them has required more work than last summer. And when you work hard, it’s also more important to have proper breaks and eat well during your fishing trip. The ideal way to unwind is to seat yourself around an open fire, empty your mind of fishing thoughts for a while, have a nice chat with a good meal, and after a good break like this you are refreshed, filled with energy and 100 % ready for fishing again.

Late evening fishing in July 2015

Tip from our fishing guide and company owner Mr. Jari Kayhko:

 The last week of June and the first two weeks of July are good for catching zander near our fishing cottage. After mid-July zanders will start to move towards the streaming water areas in the distance of 5 - 6 km from our cottage and also to the big lakes of the Great Saimaa lake system, such as Paasselka, Orivesi, Savonselka and so on. Big pikes do the same and both zanders and pikes will be more often caught from the deeper areas or bank slopes of the big lakes of Saimaa in the daytime.



July 2014 

In the beginning 0f July 2014 we welcomed a group of four fishermen from Lithuania to our cottage in Savonranta. We started with a one-day guided fishing trip during which I introduced them to the best lures and fishing spots of the area. The week was quite cold and rainy, but the guys managed to catch fish every day, by trolling as well as casting. Our guests were pleased with the pikes, perches and zanders they caught, and prepared tasty dishes out of them at our cottage. They also caught a nice fat ide.

Zander fishing 5 July 2014

 In the middle of July we welcomed Gennady, Sergey and Aleksey from Moscow. The weather was brilliant and very warm almost every day. We fished together for five days, catching big pikes, zanders and perches, which we naturally cooked and ate with delight. The guys went fishing also on their own by using the two motorboats we have for our customers to use, free of charge. In addition to sunbathing and having sauna they also went for a bit of sight-seeing in Kerimäki and Savonlinna.


During the last weeks in July we also headed for the bigger open waters of Lake Saimaa to cast for larger perches. The sunny spring days made them pleasantly active and hungry. I had daily guidances for over 2 week period with differrent groups enjoying of Finnish summer and great fishing with me.

Perch fishing 14 July 2014