Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa

Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Springtime Fishing on Lake Saimaa, May 2016: Spinning for Pike, Perch and Zander

May 2016 on Lake Saimaa - Fishing Reports of Cottage Jokiniemi Visitors

This year our area of Lake Saimaa freed itself from ice on the last weekend of April. After that a wave of very warm and sunny weather reached our country, having a very positive effect on the bite of the fish. At the time of writing this, we have two Fnnish families staying in our cottage for a one week long fishing holiday. They sent me a report of the fishing results of their first two days:

Pike fishing on Lake Saimaa, May 2016

"We started our fishing already on the evening of our arrival and were able to catch two pikes of 1 to 2 kg from the cottage pond by spinning. There is a lot of smaller fish in this shallow and warm water area for worm angling also. Next morning we drove to a shallow bay area near the cottage and did spinning for pikes. Our result was three pikes and the biggest of them was 3 kg - that's prettty good fishing considering the lake just got free of ice. This evening we are going to do more fishing to catch perches and zanders from deeper water areas. We will send pictures of our catches later..... Jari, thank you for the fishing tips you gave us!"

The Weather in May 2016

The first week of May was very hot and sunny, perfect for fishing and recreation. Daily max. temperatures were between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius.

The second week of May started rainy, but ended sunny and warm, between 16 and 21 degrees. During this week we had a Finnish group at our cottage. They caught pikes, perches and breams by spinning, trolling as well as bubble and hook angling.

Fishing Guide Jari Kayhko - Softbait spinning for Zander - May 2016.
Last two weeks of May were the best for catching zanders on Lake Saimaa.

Fishing & Cooking, perfect way to have a fishing holiday on Lake Saimaa

During the third week of May we welcomed a Russian fisherman group from Moscow. The temperatures were pretty similar with the previous week, and the week started dry and sunny but ended with rain. Our visitors caught pikes, perches, roaches, rudds, breams and zanders by spinning, trolling and angling. Their most unusual catch was a carp caught from Lake Saimaa. Their daily number of pike`s caught were varying from 10 to 20.

Evening time fishing on Lake Saimaa - May 2016

The fourth week of May started rainy and cold for our Finnish group of fishermen, but on Friday the weather changed to sunny for our Latvian fisherman group of four. This sunny, beautiful and exceptionally hot weather lasted until the beginning of June. The max. temperatures reached 27 degrees.
Zander spinning on Lake Saimaa, May 2016

During the last weekend of May we had a Russian fisherman group from St. Petersburg fishing with us for two days. We went fishing from morning to evening in sunny and warm weather. Mornings and afternoons were best for catching pikes and perhes, evening time for catching zanders.

Perch spinning on Lake Saimaa, May 2016

Our capacity of accommodation for May 2016 was sold out appr. 2 months before May day. We had 5 great groups of fishermen from Finland, Russia and Latvia visiting our cottage. All our groups were very successful in fishing during May 2016, which makes´s me very happy and proud of them. Many thanks for all of you. 


Spring Time Angling and Spinning

Water areas near our fishing cottage are free from ice usually around the 1st of May. The waters right in front of our cottage are only max. 2,5 metres deep. This means that the waters warm up quite fast in spring, which attracts small fish to do their eating and spawning there in May, which in its turn attracts bigger carnivorous fish to turn up and eat the small fish. The most effective methods for catching fish in the beginning of May are spinning, worm angling and fresh bait angling.

Welcome to our Cosy Fishing Cottage on Lake Saimaa!

The Fishing Cottage of Old School Trolling is best suited and especially equipped for sports fishermen groups of max 6 people, families or couples. The pond and river waters right next to the cottage are good for independent angling and spinning and the actual Lake Saimaa areas near the cottage are great for spinning and trolling.

 Our peaceful cottage is located close to all services fishermen need. Guests can use small motorboats of our cottage and fishing equipment that can be found in our fishing storage for free. For the use of cottage renters we have 4,2 meter boats that are equipped with a 8 hp Mercury and 5 hp Yamaha outboard engines, sonars, GPS plotter (one), oars, anchor and rope, life vests, landing net, 4 sets of rods and reels for trolling and 4 sets of reels and rods for spinning.In the storage you can also find a freezer and equipment for handling fish. In the storage you can also find angling rods, worms, mash, hooks etc you need for angling in Cottage Jokiniemi.

 We don’t allow our customers to use fishing nets or traps. Cottage Jokiniemi is for angling, spinning and trolling only.


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