Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa

Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fishing on Lake Saimaa 2018 & Regards from Fishing Cottage Jokiniemi

June 2018

During midsummer week we have a fisherman group from Romania visiting our cottage on Lake Saimaa. This group has a great mentality for fishing. They use a selective fishing method, meaning they release the fish that are either small or big. For example in pike fishing they only aim for ones that are from 1 to 3 kilos in size and they only keep the amount of fish they need for cooking a dinner. I am very pleased to have this responsibly thinking group visiting us.

Instructions for handling and releasing fish

 If possible, release the fish by using pliers while the fish is still outside the boat, near the surface of the water.

If you are planning to take a picture or measurements of the fish, lift it into a container filled with fresh water. Remove the hook using pliers while the fish is in the container of water. 

Wet your hands or use wet gloves when touching the fish. Never hang the fish from its tail or head, as this can cause internal injuries or stretch the spine. Hold the fish horizontally and take the photograph quickly to minimise the time the fish is out of the water.

If you wish to weigh a fish that will be released, use a weighing bag. You can also weigh a fish while it is in a net made of rubber-coated knotless netting.

Release the fish back into the water gently. An exhausted fish may need to be resuscitated before release. Resuscitate the fish by holding it against the stream or by moving it back and forth in the water to make water flow through the gills. When the fish is ready to swim on its own, you may release it.

July 2018

Every fishermen group need a cook.

During last week of July we have a fisherman group from Israel visiting our cottage on Lake Saimaa.

All the fish hooked are not killed or eaten..... In Finland we have minimum landing lengths for different species in the Finnish fishing law. Most of our visitors also use selective fishing method, in which we release small ones as well as big ones, which are important for breeding. The best advice we can give to our visitors is to keep the fish they can use for a dinner and release the rest. During the past years we have also got more and more catch and release fishermen visiting us on Lake Saimaa. All responsibly thinking fishermen all over the world are most welcome to visit us.

August 2018

During  first 2 week of August we had a fishing family from Switzerland visiting our cottage on Lake Saimaa.In the beginning of their holiday we had a boat trip with picnic and a tutorial fishing trip together to get familiar with best fishing spots and methods for fishing on Lake Saimaa.

Picnic by campfire on Lake Saimaa, August 2018.

Our Swiss vistors caught perches and pikes during their tutorial fishing trip on Lake Saimaa in August 2018.

Simons very first pike caught on Lake Saimaa.

Couple days before end of their holiday on Lake Saimaa I got this wonderful message from our Swiss visitors.: 

 Hi Jari, Another great day in fishing. Here you can find a picture of Eric with his new record pike of 90cm. After taking measurement we released the beauty. Regards, Max and Eric

September 2018

Our Lithuanian visitors caught this nice zander on Lake Saimaa while staying in our cosy fishing cottage Jokiniemi in September 2018. 

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