Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa

Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Salmon Fishing and Mythology on Lake Paasselka

Light phenomena over the Paasselka Lake have been observed for centuries (mentioned in written sources since 18th century).  It is said to move at varying speeds on some occasions and to remain stationary at others. Local eyewitnesses tell that Paasselka Devil can be seen at night time from late summer to late fall before ice cover formed on Lake Saimaa. It looks like a ball or torch of bright light and has a size of football. Some people have described it radiating heat also. 

 In earlier times local people considered that these lights are some evil spirits, devils. There are known cases of offerings to Paasselka devils up to early 20th century. Nowadays several tourist companies have included "watching of Paasselkä Devil" in their tours, as additional attraction to the usual fishing tours. From time to time tourist groups report about sightings of this phenomenon, there are taken images and videos.

Convincing explanation to this phenomenon has not been found. There are attempts to explain these lights - like the old and multiple times disproved theory about some easily ignited gases (methane) rising from the sediments of lake or some rare piezoelectric effects.

The Paasselka waters are among the most important feeding areas of the rare Saimaa salmon on Lake Saimaa. Lake Paasselka is large and deep crater-lake with its good stocks of vendace and smelt provides the landlocked salmon and brown trout with an excellent facility for rapid growth.
 The Pielisjoki River, located 60 km north from Paasselka, used to be excellent place for salmon fishing in 50`s and 60`s. Several salmon species over 10 kg`s were catched in those days from rapids of river Pielinen. Oportunities for salmon fishing were destroyed in the beginning of 70`s due dam and power plant building projects in to the rapids and spawning areas of landlocked salmon in the area of river Pielinen. 
Jari`s memories: When I was a young boy, older persons told me stories about black salmon fishes, which were believed to be cursed. Black species were called as Devil`s Salmons and throwed away if catched by superstitious people.....later on they learned facts of salmon species which had changed colour before spawning. 
Since January 1st 2016 catch quota for both landlocked salmon and freshwater browntrout is 1 fish with cutted adipose fin per fisherman per day on Lake Saimaa area. It is forbidden to kill any landlocked salmon or freswater brown trout species with adipose fin in the area of Lake Saimaa (by Finnish law).
Fishing Guide Jari Kayhko trolling on Lake Paasselka (Lake Paasivesi).
Fishing Guide Jari Kayhko
The circular open waters of Paasselka, close to twelve kilometres in diameter, are a spectacular scene indeed for those accustomed to the rugged, incoherent lake scenery of Saimaa. Risks caused by changes in the weather and size of waves are worth preparing for before setting off on a fishing trip.
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