Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa

Fishing Trips on Lake Saimaa
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Boating and Fishing Trip for the Whole Family on Lake Saimaa

Softbait spinning is a great fishing sport for everybody but as the equipment is light and very responsive, it is especially suitable for women and children.

In Finland July and August are the best months for holidays and fishing. There are plenty of fish about and you can fish around the clock if you wish, thanks to our light summer nights. Especially children will also enjoy having fun in the sun, swimming, trekking, having picnics outdoors as well as picking berries and mushrooms. The Saimaa nature, our cottage and the Finnish summer will offer plenty of enjoyment for the whole family. 

Old School Trolling Offers Boating and Fishing Trips for the Whole Family on Lake Saimaa

 Welcome to our combined boating and fishing trip on Lake Saimaa. The trip is a great way to get acquainted with the Lake Saimaa nature and its wonderful views with a big and safe boat, spend some time fishing with your children and enjoy a relaxingly long lunch break on a small island.

 We are using comfortable fishing huts during our picnic breaks on Lake Saimaa.

The combined boating and fishing trip takes 5 to 6 hours and leaves from Savonranta. We will stop for 2 to 3 hours on an island for a picnic lunch: we will cook coffee and tea, have a packed lunch, barbeque sausages or vendace (local small and tasty fish) on an open fire and for dessert we will make delicious pancakes.

The island offers nice activities for the whole family. You can pick berries or mushrooms, explore the nature, swim or do some sunbathing. There is a shelter in case of rain, and also toilet.7

We will also spend 1 to 2 hours fishing with children. Depending on your children’s age and/or weather we can fish by angling, spinning or trolling. 

The trip is ideal for children from 4 to 12 years of age. Please tell us the ages and heights of your children. The trip is available May – September. Max. number of participants is 6 persons. Savonranta lies 60 km from Savonlinna and 80 km from Joensuu.

Would you like to have some pancakes in Finnish nature?

If you need rain coats or boots, please tell us your clothes size (from S to XXXL), shoe size, and in the case of children their age and height. We will let you know if we don’t have rain gear in the right size for you.

Fishing customers over 18 years of age need to pay the national fisheries management fee (options: 5 Euros per day, 12 Euros per week (7 days) or 39 Euros per year).  We can pay fees needed for fishing  on your behalf at the price listed above. For this we need to know the first name and the family name of the fisherman, your date of birth and adrress in Finland (you can give us your cottage or hotel address).

You can also ask about the availability of our cosy Fishing Cottage Jokiniemi in Savonranta. The cottage is well-equipped and suitable for max 6 persons. The cottage has two motorboats with fishing equipment for the use of customers. The cottage is rented for whole weeks, weekends and also for other periods of your choice – please feel free to ask!

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fishing on Lake Saimaa with Old School Trolling – Fishing Group from Lithuania, July 2014

Fisherman group from Liethuania

In early July we got a guest group of four fishermen from Lithuania. The group travelled more than 1 000 km to spend a week fishing on Lake Saimaa. Previously they had visited a couple of times the Åland Islands between Sweden and Finland.

We started their week of fishing with one training day on the waters close to our fishing cottage. This way they learned about the good fishing spots and colors for their lures. We did both soft bait spinning for perch and pike as well as trolling for pike and walleye. During our tutorial day we were able to catch perches and pikes. The group very much enjoyed our picnic break on an island. During the break we cooked coffee and fried vendace (specialty of Lake Saimaa) on an open fire. The men also picked some mushrooms from the island for a tasty evening meal which we cooked of the fish they had caught.

The rest of the week the Lithuanian group fished independently using the two 4-meter long motor boats of our fishing cottage and managed to get catch daily. However, angling from the beach of our cottage didn’t prove successful due to the cold and rainy weather. The men weren’t glad about the miserable weather but were happy with the accommodation, as well as the arrangements for their tutorial fishing day. After all they were able to catch nice pikes, walleyes, perches and even one big ide. 

These fishermen were fishing for food and smartly they released the fish they did not need. Great week with excellent fishermen on Lake Saimaa!

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